WWDC 2012: iPad-only apps account for 34% of App Store apps

At today’s Apple developer conference in San Francisco, CEO Tim Cook told the audience that more than one-third of App Store’s 650,000 apps are iPad-only.

Cook also said that the App Store boasts 400 million accounts with credit card-enabled one-click buying. He added that by the end of the year, the App Store should be available in 32 new countries, bringing the total count up to more than 150.

What Cook didn’t say was how many of the 225,000 iPad-only apps are paid versus free downloads. To date, Apple hasn’t made statistics available on how freemium apps stack up to paid apps; but app tracking company Distimo reported earlier this year that 74 percent of the top grossing iPad apps and 80 percent of the top grossing iPhone apps featured in-app purchases. Cook says Apple paid out $5 billion to developers from App Store sales this year.

More as the keynote progresses.

Image Credit: CNET