WUSA’s Haber Gets To Gloat

Dave McKenna writes up the amusing saga of the Lerners, the Nationals, and how Brett Haber of WUSA scooped everyone else.

“Haber’s bosses at WUSA-TV were so proud of his work that they commissioned a congratulatory commercial to tout the Nats-related news-breaking. ‘Sometimes you’re first. Sometimes you’re right. Sometimes you’re both,’ reads the copy of the CBS affiliate’s promotion, which also mocks Haber’s many naysayers by flashing the very words used while trying to discredit his report, chief among them ‘Erroneous!'” McKenna says.

“And among the losers–besides the unchosen bidders, who’ll have to find another way to spend $450 million–is George Michael. The WRC-TV mainstay and sportscasting legend gets about twice as much airtime as Haber each night, and he used an awful lot of it to shoot down his competitor’s reportage–right up until Haber was proven correct. Again and again, Michael pooh-poohed Haber’s work with the sort of excitement he normally reserves for rodeo highlights,” he continues.

The story is quite fun.