WTWP First Impressions

As of 5:30 a.m. today, WTWP, the Washington Post’s new radio station, is on the air. So far, it’s an awful lot of news. News, news, news. It’s not nearly as polished as NPR’s voice–the station sounds a lot more like lunchroom chatter from a bunch of print journalists. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of promise in the reporting and it’s sure to give C-SPAN a run for its money for the wonkiness outlet in Washington. David Broder has been opining at length repeatedly this morning regarding immigration, and Jacki Spinner and Rajiv Chandrasekeran are chatting about Jill Carroll.

“Good-sounding station. Lots of news and talk. Solid journalism. Sounds like what you’d get if you took what public radio talkers WAMU or WETA-FM do and throw in a bit more local content, some ads, and lots and lots of plugs for the Washington Post. If I was 88.5 or 90.9 I’d be a bit worried,” DCRTV observes today.

What do readers think? How’s WTWP treating you?