WTOP Blasts Fox 5 for No Attribution

paw_print_clipart_5.gif It happens all too often. Sometimes unintentional, sometimes not. Either way, a publication or TV network gets its paws all over your work as if it was their own and doesn’t credit you. In other words, theft.

In a letter to WTTG Fox 5’s V.P. and News Director Phil Metlin this morning with the subject line “Requesting a professional courtesy”, WTOP’s V.P. of News and Programming Jim Farley accused the network of running news reported by WTOP without attribution. The story was by WTOP’s Mark Segraves, who reported that D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty sought an endorsement from President Obama.

Asked how he knew for certain that Fox 5 had stolen the interview, Farley replied:

A) The Fox reporter admitted it when Mark Segraves called him and confronted him with stealing his story without credit.
B) Fenty aides confirmed to Mark the Mayor talked to no other reporter on the topic.

Read the letter from Farley to Metlin after the jump…

We’ve requested comment from Metlin. He did not immediately reply to our request. So far, Metlin has not replied to Farley, nor has there been bounce-back that shows Metlin is on vacation.

From WTOP’s Jim Farley to Fox 5’s Phil Metlin:

Hi, Phil. I’m Jim Farley, your counterpart at WTOP Radio.
As a professional courtesy, may I ask you to look into your
station coverage of Mayor Fenty asking the President for his
endorsement? WTOP broke that story. Every other news
outfit in town gave credit to WTOP…except yours. If you
guys broke a story, and we reported it without giving you
credit, you’d be right to be ticked off! Our policy is to give
credit where credit is due, and if we ever fail in that, please
contact me and I’ll fix it. Asking you to look at your coverage
both on-air and online. Did your reporter really speak to Fenty
as he said last night?
Thanks, Phil.

Jim Farley