This Week’s WTF Moments In the News

Every week, you guys find some stories so crazy we can hardly believe what we’re reading. Here’s this week’s picks:

Won’t someone please think of the strippers?

CNN says replacing paper dollars with coins could potentially save taxpayers billions—and there’s a bill before Congress to do just that (it’s not the first time this bill has popped up and gone nowhere, though) but In The Know says Senator John McCain has an even better rationale: it’ll help strippers. Think about it, if there are no $1 bills around to stuff down g-strings, guys are just going to have to move to higher denominations. Iron-clad logic from the Senator from Arizona. “The 76-year-old lawmaker began answering another reporter’s prying questions before cracking a smile and hollering to ITK down a Capitol hallway, ‘Fives, tens, one hundreds!’” Glad to know the Senator is thinking of the little people.

Was Rep. Mark Sanford out “hiking” again?

FBI, not paying attention again?

At this point, we’re thinking of getting a custom stamp with  ___________ Ignored Warnings on it, so we can just fill in the agency name. The Daily Caller says the FBI had evidence that a mosque in Boston frequented by the Tsarnaev brothers “was a nest of Islamic radicalism” but didn’t do much about it. Now, this is The Daily Caller, and it is written by two people with a history of anti-Islam rhetoric and a clear agenda (without any indication by The DC that these are not DC reporters and the piece is more of an op-ed than legit news). So, take it for what it’s worth. If it’s true, it’s a WTF story, if it’s not true—it’s still a WTF story.

Proper attire required

Heard on the Hill says Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) must’ve got his schedules mixed up, or more likely no one told him the House moved Wednesday evening votes up an hour, because he showed up in sweaty workout clothes. “For the most part, he stayed sheepishly in one corner of the long hallway, hovering near one of the chamber doorways to monitor when he needed to run out onto the floor and cast his votes and trying to ignore giggling reporters.” He borrowed an aide’s sport coat, but as you can see from the picture, it was not a good look. Rep Trey Radel (R-Fla.) suggested Sanford pull the shorts down so they look more like pants. “Sanford declined,” Heard on the Hill said. Pictures aren’t normally allowed in the Speaker’s Lobby. They must have sneaked this one.