This Week’s WTF Moments In the News

Man Sentenced to the Sidewalk

The Daily Caller tells us that a drug dealing robber in Milan, Domenico Codispoti, has been sentenced to house arrest, though there’s just one tiny little problem. He doesn’t have a house, he’s homeless. So the court says he has to be in his “sleeping area”—a sidewalk near the police station—from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. every night until April 2014. Putting aside the fact that we’re not really sure how a story about a guy from Milan ended up in The Daily Caller, this is definitely a weird one. Turns out Codispoti actually asked to serve out his sentence in the station’s jail, but the police just told him ‘no.’ This is a little bit of stupid, and here in the U.S. it might not even pass Constitutional muster. There’s just one comment on the original story in the Italian paper La Stampa: “Cruel and unusual punishment, something the state knows only too well.”

Bet your mom’s not this cool…

Mother of the Year?

HuffPost contributor Suzanne Leigh wrote an essay this week about buying weed for her 11-year-old. This one’s eye-brow raising, for sure, and depending on what side of the medical marijuana debate you fall on, this could be inspiring or enraging all at the same time. Leigh’s daughter has a brain tumor, and her radiation treatments have all but destroyed her appetite. FDA-approved drugs have failed to help with the side effects, so mom has turned to an admittedly unorthodox treatment, at least for a preteen: pot. “Minutes after taking the tincture, Natasha’s posture droops, her speech slows and she bursts into sporadic gales of maniacal laughter. I take advantage of the apparent good humor and feed her spoonfuls of chicken-noodle soup. After spoonful number four, Natasha’s eyes start to close.” The good news here is that the treatment seems to have worked: Leigh’s daughter’s appetite has returned.

Wheelchair? Access, Denied

Buzzfeed writer Ryan Broderick’s story on an 11-year-old wheelchair-bound girl being prevented from going to a Georgia museum is, in true Buzzfeed style, better seen than recapped with a bunch of great pictures. And it’s also a true WTF moment. Apparently, the  mean Ships Of The Sea Museum in Savannah, Georgia, told this little girl and her family they couldn’t visit because her wheelchair would get the carpets dirty. Seriously. Have they never heard of the Americans With Disabilities Act? Georgia is still in America, right? There was a war about that at one point, wasn’t there? One of the commenters put it best: “If the carpets are that precious perhaps they should be displayed on a wall and not on the floor.”