This Week’s WTF Moments In The News

Every once in a while, you guys find stories so crazy we can barely believe what we’re reading. Here’s a round up of a few WTF moments from this week…

Wanted: Brand expert with shaved head and swastika tattoo

What’s a Mongolian neo-Nazi to do when rampant xenophobia, anti-semitism and racism just start going out of style? Rebrand as environmentalists! From Reuters this week: “Based in an office behind a lingerie store in the Mongolian capital, the shaven-headed, jackbooted Tsagaan Khass stormtroopers launch raids on mining projects, demanding paperwork or soil samples to be studied for contaminants.” Given what a bunch of skinheads could be doing with their time, we’re sort of okay with this. Can’t wait until they hire their first social media editor.


The headline on HuffPost—69!—sort of said it all, at least until we read the lede: “And we have a weiner.” Wow. Double double-entendres aside, this story would stand on its own as a WTF moment for the sheer fact that it’s about a man and the 69 hotdogs he ate to win the annual Nathan’s hotdog eating contest on July 4. This is a contest they’ve been holding for almost a hundred years now because… we’re not sure why. Joey Chestnut, this year’s winner and a 210-pound 29-year-old, has taken first place six times now, and this year he even beat out his old record of 68 hot dogs set in 2009. And in case you were wondering, that’s 18 hotdogs more than the runner-up. Just reading this makes us sick.

The 27-year-old virgin and f**ked up bulldozing…

The Virgin Diaries

Washington City Paper published a piece by a 40-year-old man—Derek Hills—this week who really, really wants us to understand why he was once a 27-year-old virgin. Maybe more importantly, he wants us to understand what a painstaking process it is to take seemingly disparate moments from one’s life and simmer them down into a cogent story, complete with a beginning, middle and end. You kind of get to the end of this one, all absorbed in Hill’s insightful commentary about the story-telling and forming process (something, we figure, many of you can relate to and know a lot about) and then you’re like, wait—27? You scroll back up. Yep, he really said 27. Twenty-seven. A two with a seven. 2-7.

Have bulldozer, will bulldoze

From Lima, Peru, The Associated Press brings us a story about a local developer that bulldozed a 20-foot, 4,000 year old Incan pyramid and then was all like, wait… what did I do? Actually, the story says after destroying one priceless and irreplaceable piece of an ancient culture, they were about to go on and destroy three others before, get this, being stopped by locals. We can only imagine how that conversation went. Criminal charges have followed and the government has promised to take away all the developers’ toys equipment, saying they knew exactly what they were doing. They’d applied for and already been denied an “absence of archeological remains” certificate.

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