WSJ Washington Wire Goes Online

jerryseib.jpgAs nearly every news organization starts a blog, the Wall Street Journal is converting its Washington Wire into a quasi-blog.

The 65-year-old column was first a way for the paper’s reporters in Washington to “pool their information about once a week in a more informal, more intimate report. This may assist to a more intimate size-up of the Washington scene.”

Now it’s moving into the digital age, where bureau chief Jerry Seib and Bill Grueskin,’s managing editor, will add thoughts and tidbits, along with other WSJ staff.

“Over the decades, the Journal has given readers this unique product in print every Friday morning, and it will continue to appear in print without change. Technology, though, allows us to take that same successful concept to a new level, using a new medium. Online, we will be able to offer the same insights we give readers in print every week, but update, expand and add to them every weekday as well. In fact, the Wire concept is exceptionally well-suited for the online world,” they wrote in a editor’s note today.

> Last week, the Chicago Tribune’s Washington bureau and ABC’s World News Tonight launched blogs.

> Might this be the reason for today’s relaunch? Last year, Seib warned of the web’s credibility problems–and how it might upend the news business: “The proliferation of online bloggers stands to threaten mainstream news agencies, the Washington bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal said Friday.”