The Director of ‘That Killer Tire Movie’

Under the able guidance of Michelle Kung, The Wall Street Journal’s “Speakeasy” blog has recently been adding some dynamic SoCal voices to a roster of rotating, whenever-the-story-demands contributors. Among this new group is Todd Gilchrist, a veteran film critic who writes for a wide variety of outlets such as Cinematical, and

We recently had the pleasure of sitting next to Gilchrist and girlfriend Jen Yamato at an AFI Fest screening, in what turned out to be the highly contested territory of Egyptian Theater main hall, row T. Even though the Saturday, Nov. 6 gala presentation of Barney’s Version was anchored around ticketed seating, a lack of proper “Reserved” designations in that row had caused citizen patrons to swoop down and, as things progressed, loudly refuse to relocate.

The day before this rather comical T-rouble, Gilchrist had spoken at AFI Fest with Quentin Dupieux, writer-director of the upcoming April 2011 horror release Rubber. In today’s resulting “Speakeasy” piece, the filmmaker tells Gilchrist:

“First, I wrote the story of a cube invasion; my first script, the original Rubber script, was called Day of the Cubes. It was about an invasion of cubes from space… I did some CGI tests with digital cubes, and I realized that [the idea] was not really interesting… I said I’m going to focus on one character, and randomly I thought of the tire and was like, yeah, that’s good, because the tire is empty, it’s kind of silly, and there’s [physically] nothing in it.”

In very entertaining fashion, Gilchrist is also these days leaving screech marks all over Twitter with his stream-of-scribe consciousness observations. You can find him @mtgilchrist.

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