WSJ. Reminds Us We Are, And Always Will Be, Poor

The second issue of WSJ. is here! You might have thought that given the state of the world in general and the media industry specifically, they would have given up on the ridiculous venture and quietly shuttered the whole thing, but you’d be wrong.

The annoyingly named magazine is back, included in this Saturday’s Weekend Edition and Friday issues of The Wall Street Journal Asia and The Wall Street Journal Europe. Included in the issue is a feature about a 13-year-old violinist and her $1 million violin, as well as a cover story written by Lewis Hyde. But the best part about the second issue is the note that came along with it penned by the Dow Jones PR team.

Ah, where to start…

Well, just forget about the recession. “As you will see inside, WSJ. continues to attract significant luxury marketing dollars with 13 new advertisers,” they write. Categories include beauty, spirits, jewelry, electronics, and food goods.

Also, the Web site they provide — — is invalid. (The real site is here.)

Huston’s whole letter is after the jump. It’s worth reading. And we don’t just say this because we need the pageviews to pay our salary. We all know there’s no money in online advertising.