WSJ Plays Musical Chairs

WSJ Bureau Chief Gerald Seib is shaking things up there a bit, reassigning reporters right and left in a mass reshuffling. The details:

  • Jackie Calmes “is shifting back to political coverage as national political correspondent, bringing her considerable skill and experience to what promises to be a very interesting and very important campaign this fall.”

  • Deb Solomon will move from her state and local government beat to cover economic policy.

  • Chris Cooper, who just finished co-writing a book Katrina, will move to cover state and local government.

  • Yochi Dreazen will move from his current role following Iraq policy and reconstruction to join John McKinnon covering the White House.

  • Sarah Lueck will move from covering health policy to helping cover Congress, in the hope that it will allow David Rogers to find time to do “both some congressional campaign stories and some broader pieces, and will enable Brody Mullins to continue mining for stories on influence-peddling and congressional scandals in addition to Hill coverage.”

  • Jane Zhang will broaden her portfolio to handle health policy issues in place of Sarah. As Seib says, “With Laurie McGinley‘s guidance, I’m sure she can now begin finding good stories in Medicare, Medicaid, the uninsured and other areas.”

Also Carla Robbins is leaving to become assistant editor of the NY Times’ editorial page.

Oh, and just because reporters are reporters, Seib reassures everyone that the new assignments will, for the most part, not require anyone to change desks.

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