WSJ: Paying for PR, But Only When it Works

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This month, the Wall Street Journal‘s small business section looks at PR.

One of the topics that came up is the “pay per hit” PR mantra. We’ve written about this a few times .

Catching Flack also weighs in with some great advice.

But here is the icing on the cake in regards to the WSJ article. The PR person who arranged for her “pay per hit” client to be in the story charged them $6,000 for their inclusion! Also:

Landing a feature in a large newspaper tops her price scale, which starts at $500 for a mention on a low-traffic Web site or small radio or TV show.

Actually, maybe this “pay per hit” thing is a good model. If we had $500 for every time our clients were mentioned on a low-traffic website, we’d definitely be sipping cocktails beach side somewhere in the Caribbean by now.

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