WSJ in 90 Seconds


  • Reality TV, the great mass aggregator, is being disaggregated on handhelds and the Web.
  • Lead story, for free: Rupert Murdoch‘s results after his promotion to head all local TV stations “aren’t as impressive” as for Fox News cable channel were. Even there, the numbers are “declining faster than those of its competitors.” Choice quote from “sharp elbowed” Ailes: “If the only way to win is to damage someone else, you’re no damn good.”
  • “Roxanne, thee musn’t thine reddish light extinguish.” Sting sings 16th-century songs.
  • Online gambling companies will find other ways to get people to gamble, even if U.S. tries to shut them down. Oh, and prohibition doesn’t work, and there’s prostitution even in places where it’s illegal.
  • And a fave: If you’re interviewing someone for a job, be nice, or at least courteous — otherwise, your company can suffer.