WSJ In 90 Seconds


  • Major League Soccer gets some ads on jerseys. And?
  • Atheist author, publisher try to rile Christians as a marketing ploy for book Letter to a Christian Nation, which says the Bible is wrongheaded.
  • Jeffrey Trachtenberg interviews White Oleander author Janet Finch “There are so many good writers” in LA.
  • “Cable companies are bulking up their video-on-demand offerings, putting more content online themselves and providing ways for advertisers to better target audiences. … Video Web sites like YouTube now draw users in numbers that rival those of cable or satellite companies.”
  • No Seal or Corrs or Goo Goo Dolls vids on Yahoo?! “Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group pulled its music videos from Cablevision Systems Corp.’s Fuse network, and Warner Music Group Corp. told Yahoo Inc. to stop showing its music videos, in unrelated disputes over licensing fees and other issues. What exactly did YouTube offer Warner, we wonder?
  • Virtual Communities Can Unite People, But Can They Replace the Corner Bar? By Jason Fry. “Last weekend, the brother of one of Deadspin’s frequent commentors was killed in Iraq, sad news that was announced on the site. More than 200 comments were left in two posts, all of them outpourings of condolence and sympathy. Deadspin isn’t a support group — people go there to laugh about sports, not to seek comfort in times of tragedy. But it offered comfort ably.” Comfortably.

  • Nikon’s new camera sends pix via Wi-Fi. With a year of free T-Mobile Hot Spots, you’ve almost got the camera paid for.
  • The Treo, in a nutshell. As the smartphone market heats up, maybe you should wait.