WSJ in 90 Seconds


  • Xinhua clamps down, aims to change from “lumbering propaganda organ” to “globally competitive media giant.”
  • Apple wants to do for movies what it did for music. And it wants to do it on your TV.
  • What art belonging to Playboy could possibly be worth $20 million? The stock’s only about 9 bucks.
  • NYTimes to sell its broadcast media group
  • We’d say that CW’s idea for “content wraps,” or ads buried inside 90 seconds of programming, was an original idea if we hadn’t participated as a reporter (speaking Japanese, of all things) for a Japanese TV segment of a similar nature back in the ’80s. The network would end its
  • 8 p.m. movie at 9:55 so there could be about 2 minutes of a show about how amazing New York was surrounded by ads for a department store (we think it was Marui, for those who care). It’s so hard to be original.

  • Fashion on the brain. “Juicy” on the bum. But you really think we’re we going to wear suit shorts to the office?
  • Leak to reporters? OK in our book. Impersonate us to get our phone records? Buh-bye, now! See you in court, for sure.