Loses Top Editor to Atlantic Media Company

The Atlantic Media Company has named Kevin Delaney as its Editor-in-Chief of a global business brand, expected to launch later this year. Delaney comes to Atlantic Media from The Wall Street Journal Online (, where he was Managing Editor since 2009. Delaney had been with Dow Jones since the mid 90s, but jumped at the chance to be a part of the new digital venture.

“This is a great moment to create a new digital service for a global readership and provide readers with news and real insights at the pace of the Web,” said Delaney. “Given its online and journalistic accomplishments, Atlantic Media is an excellent home for such an effort, and I’m proud to join.”

The business undertaking — which will be headquartered here, with offices eventually opening in Asia and Europe — will be Atlantic Media’s first global launch since the Washington-based brand 15 years ago.