WSJ, Barrons, MarketWatch To Offer Downloadable Apps


In what could turn out to be an increasing trend, the Wall Street Journal just partnered with mobile developer Action Engine in order to create downloadable versions of its WSJ, Barrons, and MarketWatch sites, MediaPost is reporting.

The idea is that instead of browsing a WAP site, Windows Mobile phones can instead fire up these applications, which will feature business and world news, personalized stock trackers, and streaming video and audio podcasts, according to the article.

You can achieve some of that through a WAP browser, but it wouldn’t be as flashy. Speaking of which, we’d rather see more of this happen on the Flash side, instead of as separate apps. This way as more phones add Flash-capable browsers, they’ll all be able to take advantage of these features, instead of every company having to develop dozens of different applications to work on different handset hardware.

WSJ Partners With Mobile Developer Action Engine [MediaPost]