WSJ Advisory Board Member’s Financial Ties To News Corp.

0803negroponte.jpgAn update to yesterday’s reports on the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial review committee: It turns out that News Corp.’s choice for the advisory board is the head of a foundation with financial ties to News Corp.

MIT professor & Wired co-founder Nicholas Negroponte heads the One Laptop Per Child Foundation, which works to distribute laptop computers to public schools serving impovrished children in the third world. It’s a worthy goal, one that Rupert Murdoch also supports — News Corp. has pledged to donate $2.5 million to the foundation. Additionally, News Corp. Executive VP Jeremy Philips sits on the OLPC board, OLPC meetings have been held at News Corp. headquarters and Negroponte views Murdoch as “one of OLPC’s chief strategists.”

The question that remains to be seen: Can the head of a foundation with intimate financial and personal ties to News Corp. serve as a neutral voice for the Journal‘s editorial independence? Dow Jones thinks so.