Wrong Doers Beware! UK Architects Have You Beat


We’d reported in the past that the government in the UK is currently creating groups to use design and architecture to combat thievery, but now we’ve heard that they’re going a step further and have started a campaign called “design out terrorism.” Founded by Security Minister, Admiral Lord West (how’s that for a name?), the plans for creating a safe country, from re-tooling current buildings to requiring architects on to-be-built project to have anti-terrorism considerations, will all be announced this week. But doesn’t this announcement business sound a little silly? If you’re going to show where are the safe things are and everything you’re doing, isn’t that the first place someone’s going to go to mess everything up? “We just want everyone to know that everything is completely safe, unless of course someone were to plant a bomb right where we’ve detailed it in your press packet. Any questions?”