Writers Strike Saves Howard Stern From Letterman Appearance


Most comedians relish the boost an appearance on The David Letterman Show grants. Howard Stern is different. Notoriously persnickety about personal appearances, the morning satellite radio man griped on air last week about having to do a Letterman appearance. Stern agreed to the appearance because executives at Sirius radio thought it would be good to promote the service during Christmas shopping season and also in return for Letterman being interviewed for the upcoming History of The Howard Stern Show special. From Marksfriggin:

”Howard said he really doesn’t care to go on these shows but the people at SIRIUS think he’s disloyal if he doesn’t do it. He said that this year God stepped in and did him a favor. He said he was saved from doing it not once, but twice. He said he now believes in God after this. He doesn’t have to do Letterman now and he’s very thankful for that.”

(image via AP/Richard Drew)