Writer Prefers Blitzer, Cafferty to Sanchez

Doug Clawson of Real Clear Politics is clearly not president of CNN Rick Sanchez’s fan club. In a story today Clawson sees Sanchez as something that’s inflicted upon him in place of his preferred combo of Wolf Blitzer and Jack Cafferty.

Clawson wants his Blitzer “The Situation Room” back!

Nielsen ratings for February report that “Rick’s List” (3-5PM EST) averaged 560,000 viewers – down a whopping 43 percent over last year. In the 25-54 demographic, the program lost more than half of its audience and was down 52 percent, averaging 111,000. The show, a month and a half old, launched January 18th and took over for Blitzer’s show.

Jon Stewart also went all anti-Sanchez Monday night. Watch his comments here. Stewart remarked, “Like a guy at a party who’s doing a lot of coke, who traps you in a corner, who explains really intensely how an ant is the strongest animal on earth.”

An excerpt of the RCP story:
“On a scale of 1-to-10, grading the myriad cable-news programs out there, Blitzer’s show was a solid four. That would be at least three notches ahead of whatever it is this Sanchez guy is doing on the air.”

…”So when I was clicking through the news channels on Saturday afternoon to get an update on the earthquake in Chile, there was Sanchez effortlessly, but unwittingly turning this very serious news story into a complete joke.”

Then Clawson pulls out his claws: “Since I first saw him on the screen, I have tried to understand why he is in front of the camera peddling news, and not behind it keeping his big mouth shut.”

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