Wreck-It Ralph, Angry Birds Star Wars, SwiftKey 3 and more on this week’s top paid app charts

It’s been a good week for Disney with two of its properties taking the top two spots on the top paid iPhone apps chart. Proceeds from Angry Birds Star Wars, which came in at the No. 1 spot, will end up with Disney at least in part after the company bought Lucasfilm two weeks ago. Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph, a game based on the animated movie set in the world of video games, came in at the No. 2 spot on iPhone and the No. 1 spot on iPad.

On Android the top three apps held their ground for another week. SwiftKey 3 Keyboard took the No. 1 spot, Titanium Backup PRO took to the No. 2 spot and Beautiful Widgets took the No. 3 spot.

This week’s top paid iPhone apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Angry Birds Star Wars1=Yes
2.Wreck-it Ralph2=No
3.Bad Piggies3=Yes
4.WhatsApp Messenger4▲1No
5.Flow Free: Bridges5▼1Yes
6.Minecraft – Pocket Edition6=No
7.Plague Inc.7=Yes
8.Empires: World War8=Yes
10.Fruit Ninja10▼1Yes
11.Angry Birds Space11=Yes
12.Sleep Cycle alarm clock12▲5No
13.Free Music Download Pro13▲2No
14.Arms Cartel Global14▲4Yes
20.Where’s My Water?20=Yes
21.Angry Birds21▲1Yes
22.Cut the Rope22▼1Yes
23.Bloons TD 423▲3Yes
24.Doodle Jump24▲1Yes
25.xNeed for Speed Most Wanted25▼1Yes

This week’s top paid iPad apps

NameRankChangeIn App Purchases
1.Angry Birds Star Wars HD1=Yes
2.Wreck-it Ralph2=No
3.Bad Piggies HD3=Yes
4.Flow Free: Bridges4▲3Yes
5.Minecraft – Pocket Edition5▼1No
6.Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day HD6▼1No
9.Where’s My Water?9▼1Yes
10.Infinity Blade II10=Yes
11.Disney Junior Minnie Mouseke-Puzzles11▼2No
12.Angry Birds Space HD12=Yes
14.Need for Speed Most Wanted14=Yes
15.FIFA SOCCER 1315▼2Yes
17.The Room17=No
20.Plague Inc.20=Yes
23.Tiny Wings HD23▼4No
24.Quickoffice Pro HD24▲15No

This week’s top paid Android apps

1.SwiftKey 3 Keyboard1=
2.Titanium Backup2=
3.Beautiful Widgets3=
4.Root Explorer4=
5.Camera ZOOM FX5▲2
6.Nova Launcher Prime6▼1
7.ROM Manager7▼1
8.Angry Birds Star Wars HD8▲5
9.TuneIn Radio Pro9▼1
10.Poweramp Full Version Unlocker10▼1
11.Minecraft – Pocket Edition11▲1
12.HD Widgets12▼2
13.Need for Speed Most Wanted13▼2
14.ROM Toolbox Pro14=
15.Where’s My Water?15=
16.Tapatalk Forum App16▲1
17.Angry Birds Space Premium17▼1
18.Grand Theft Auto III18=
19.SoundHound ∞19▲1
20.Smart Tools20▼1
21.Cut the Rope21=
22.OfficeSuite Pro 622=
23.Paper Camera23▲1
24.SetCPU for Root Users24▼1
25.WeatherBug Elite25=


All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service AppData.