Wrap Your Favorite Tweets Around Your Finger with a Tweet Ring

Have you ever read a tweet that’s resonated with something you believe? Were you inspired to kick-start your business because of something you read on Twitter? The folks at Tweet-Rings.com are hoping you’ve strongly connected with a tweet or two – enough to make you want to wear it around your finger.

Launched just a week ago, Tweet-Rings.com has seen 150,000 visitors from more than 100 countries visit the site, creating over 3,000 Tweet Rings in all.

And in response to some criticism on Twitter about its high prices, Tweet-Rings.com has lowered the cost of a Tweet Ring just in time for Valentine’s Day. After all, what says “I Love You” more than 140-characters etched into a silver band?

The rings themselves are made from sterling silver or titanium, and are made-to-order. The company will etch up to 140-characters around the edge of the band, measuring under 1-millimeter in height: just visible to the naked eye.

The site itself makes it super easy to locate a tweet to etch onto a band. You can search by user or go straight to the text editor and enter in the tweet yourself.

So the big question is: have you ever tweeted anything you’d want saved for all eternity? We haven’t heard of any marriage proposals via Twitter yet, but that might be a new trend if these Tweet Rings take off!