Wrangling In The Managers, One Typeface At A Time


Here’s your opportunity to lay down all those questions you’ve been thinking up about fonts and font management, right to the sources. Apple, Extensis, Insider, Linotype, they’ll all be there. Great guy, Stephen Coles, is headed to TypeCon this year and has landed himself a spot on a panel of font manager makers (for the Mac) and is soliciting questions to make sure the panel moves beyond the “How would you compare your program to your competitor’s?” type of questions. He’s got a batch already, and it’s a good read through to hit some things you may not have thought of (“Oh, hey, yeah, that does bug me. Why is that?”). But maybe you’ll also see something Stephen and his readers haven’t yet thought of. If so, send away, and put those font folk on the hot seat for a minute.