wpToGo Became the Official WordPress for Android 1.0 App

When I first read about the official…

WordPress for Android 1.0 Release

I wondered if there was any reason to switch to it from the free Android app for WordPress blogging that I’ve been using for a few months now…


As it turns out, there is a very good reason: wpToGo’s developer is also the lead developer (I presume) for WordPress for Android 1.0. In fact, wpToGo is discontinued as of version 1.9 and completely replaced by the official release from Automattic.

I downloaded and installed the new free app on my Nexus One and was able to post a blog with a photo very easily. See: Testing WordPress 1.0 for Android.

BTW: If you’d like to see how wpToGo works, its code is Open Source and available on WordPress.com via DropBox.com:

wpToGo source code