WPIX/Channel 11 Takes on Bullying Next Week

The act of bullying has grown exponentially thanks to social media. For one week, WPIX/Channel 11 is making it a top priority.

The PIX Morning News, with anchors Sukanya Krishnan and Frances Rivera, will air a week-long initiative to raise awareness and empower families.

The station’s Anti-Bully Week will be broadcast in the 8 a.m. hour next week.

Highlights include:

On Monday, understand “Digital Hate.” WPIX visits the Simon Wiesenthal Center where cyber-bullying is discussed.

On Tuesday, learn about “Baby Bullies.”  Can you recognize if your child is going to be a bully or be bullied?

On Wednesday, in an effort to stop bullying, Channel 11 explores an anti-bullying program at William Grady High School in Brooklyn.

On Thursday, WPIX examines the connection between suicide and bullying, and what can be done to stamp it out.

The week-long series concludes Friday with a segment on raising self-assured children, plus an interview with a bully coach.

According to bullying statistics, there are nearly 3 million students each year.