Wow, Maybe We’ve Been Doing Facebook Wrong Our Whole Careers

Forbes writer Meghan Casserly says a young friend of hers has just gotten an internship at an NYC recruiting firm. Her internship consists of vetting potential hires’ social media profiles, which sounds fairly boring.

But said intern also shed some light on what this firm, at least, is looking for in a profile. In ascending order of desirability:

  • wedding pictures
  • baby photos
  • pictures of you at a party or the beach


What? That’s because, the intern says, “There’s a sense that a profile with no character has probably been scraped of some racy stuff or else the person has no social skills and won’t fit in.”

Okay, guess we’re undeleting all the stuff we deleted from Facebook last year…

Casserly also points out that for some industries, social media goes way beyond Facebook and Twitter. If you’re an engineer, maybe your presence on github will outweigh a quiet Facebook profile. If you’re in media, maybe Facebook is more important, but you could also consider a Freelance Marketplace profile or a profile on a network for the community or beat you cover.