Would You Wear Google Glass?

In a video from YouTube entitled “Project Glass: One day…” Google presents what life could be like using their new Google Glass technology, which allows you to use Google services overlaid on your glasses.

We see some social activities, such as a chat window appearing directly on a person’s face, and also notifications appearing in the top right corner of the person’s vision.  He also says “Is Paul here yet?” and Google Glass immediately determines whether he’s sharing his locatino and then shows how far away he is.

He then video chats with his girlfriend — in a way that seems very similar to Google Hangouts — and shares his current view.  Pretty cool.  The map feature is pretty incredible, as well as the calendar and reminder features.  He even uses the map to navigate his way through a bookstore.

So the question is whether anybody will actually use this.  The image above is from some design prototypes, and that large white bar across the head seems a bit unwieldy.  Will you try it?