Would You Use Another Social Bookmarking Tool?

Rafe Needleman has a post up today about a new social bookmarking site called Diigo. I’m always extremely hesitant about installing new tools on my browser but for this article I decided to give it a whirl. After registering (which has an excessive number of steps), I restarted my browser and started testing out the features.

One useful feature that stood out was the ability to share clips from web pages you are visiting with friends as well as other visitors. I immediately went to my own sites to see what other visitors had come to the site. Aside from being able to see their user avatar and view their profile, there wasn’t much additional utility to the browser add-on. As of now del.icio.us takes care of most of my social bookmarking needs. It would be great if del.icio.us could suggest new friends but for now that’s the only feature that I think is lacking.

Rafe came to a different conclusion and is a fan of the new tool. I figure you can only build a social bookmarking utility so many ways but I’m sure there are plenty of people that disagree. While I like being connected with new people via my browsing behavior, I’m not sure how an introduction would proceed. “Hey, so I saw you browsing my blog … you like it?” Alternatively, if you’re browsing a gaming website you could find people that are equally addicted to games such as dolphin olympics 2.

Do you see any need for adding another social bookmarking tool?