Would You Share Your Wifi for Favors? Hotspotio Thinks So

Hotspotio is an Android app that will give you the power to share your personal wifi hotspot, but will you do it for free? How about for a drink, a hug, or just a shout out on Twitter?

The notion of free wifi without having to pay for a latte is a strange, but if it’s kindness you’re looking to spread, giving data to total strangers might be the perfect solution. Just log in using your favorite social network and select the favor of your choice – I choose hugs!

Hotspotio’s GPS-enabled map feature makes it easy for users to find all the available hot spots in the network. For people who are on the go and suddenly need WIFI for a work issue, or people just want to share a YouTube video with friends without long 3G loading times, Hotspotio ensures that they can get a solid connection without paying up for expensive public connections or coffee they don’t want.

Not interested in sharing data with strangers? Hotspotio will let you share with only friends or friends of friends. It’s up to you.