Would You Share Pitches With Other Agencies and Brands?

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A new service, "Pitch With Me” is hoping you will. The service, which beta launched this week, “helps PR people collaborate amongst each other to discover potential resources.”

It’s not uncommon for teams within agencies or brands to work together on pitches. The idea is that more sources or angles make the pitch stronger. However, “freelancers, boutique agencies and small businesses don’t always have these kinds of resources available,” says Pitch With Me.

Founder Heather Whaling says the service came from her own experiences. “A couple weeks ago, I was working on a pitch for a client and realized I had an okay pitch, but it had the potential to be a great pitch…if only I could find another resource,” she said. “Basically, Pitch with Me came out of my need to connect with other PR people. It’s just an experiment. I have no idea if it will work or not.”

So far, interest seems scant, and the process of the service may deter some folks from using it. For example, it may be quicker and perhaps more beneficial in the long run to build out your own network or just email a few colleagues or friends than it is to use Pitch With Me. That being said, the service is still very new and we’ll keep an eye on how it progresses.