Would You Rather Check-Out Than Check-In?

People who don’t like location-based apps like Foursquare seem to fall into one of two camps, they either don’t like broadcasting on the Internet where they are currently, or they simply don’t see the value or have the time to use the app. Bizzy is a new location-based app that addresses the privacy concerns of check-in apps by having users select places that they have just left, and provides value by providing recommendations for places.
The point to Bizzy is not just to broadcast on the Internet where you have been, but to provide feedback about that place. When you check-out you are asked, how do you feel about this place? You are required to provide a rating in order to check-out. Bizzy then keeps track of the places you love or feel indifferent about and uses that information for recommendations. The quality of Bizzy’s recommendations depends on how many people use the app to check-out from different places.
If you are interested in trying Bizzy, you can find it for Android and iPhone smartphones.