Would You Rather Buy Twitter Stock in Lady Gaga or WikiLeaks?

It’s time to play the stock market game – with Tweeple instead of commodities. Empireavenue lets you buy and sell people on Twitter based on their stock price, get dividends, and make your way up to the millionaire status by buying the right people and selling them at the right time. So who do you think is more valuable, Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber? And who has the power to get you great returns on investment over the next 12 months? Play empireavenue to find out!

Empire Avenue encourages you to be active on Twitter – if only to up your stock price and pay out higher dividends to yourself and your shareholders.

You can sign in using your Twitter credentials, and start playing right away. Empireavenue also lets you sign in with Facebook, Youtube and more.

Everyone in the game has a share price, which is determined by their level of activity on Twitter and other networks. Share a lot of links? Produce plenty of retweets? As you tweet and share content on Twitter, your stock price will go up. And as more people interact with this content, prices go up some more.

Once you sign up for Empireavenue, you’ll notice that people will start buying stocks in you. They effectively own a piece of your virtual presence. You can turn around and buy some stocks in them, or set your sights on the big fish: those juicy, lucrative celebrity Twitter accounts.

In a previous cage match between Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga came out on top as the celeb who gained the most in stock price that week. This week, @WikiLeaks is facing off against @USGov, and it looks like WikiLeaks is poised to become the champ – it is currently trading at over 37 Eaves (Empireavenue’s virtual currency), while the government sits at just 22.

Go ahead, play the game and see if you’ve got a nose for who will be hot on Twitter over the long haul.