Would You Pay $1.99 Per Year for a Subscription to the Washington Post?

Are you one of the few people who still have a newspaper subscription (I do, btw)? If not, would you pay for an annual subscription to one of America’s “newspapers of record”? What would you pay? Those last two questions was what went through my mind after seeing this headline on paidContent.org…

Washington Post Adds iPhone App With Annual Fee

What if the paper was the Washington Post and the cost for an annual subscription was $1.99? That’s what the…

Wash Post 1.0.1

…iPhone app costs in Apple’s iTunes App Store. It doesn’t have very many reviews so far (14) and opinion is split right down the middle with 7 reviews giving it 4 or 5 stars and 7 reviews giving it 1 to 2 stars (no 3 star rating given, interestly enough). Is $1.99 per year enough to sustain a major newspaper or even make a noticeable bump in the Washington Post’s revenue stream.

I believe we really need a healthy newspaper ecosystem employing good reporters. Let’s hope one of these e-newspaper experiments pans out soon.