Would You Like To Visit Twitter Island?

Twitter Island exists, and its topography is unlike anything we’ve seen. It has peaks and valleys, and a massive, pointy mountain smack dab in the middle.

OK, so you can’t actually go to Twitter Island, but you can take a look at it on a map and in 3D.

Google Maps Mania has the skinny on Twitter Island in all is incarnations.

First, take a look at Twitter Island in Google Maps form. It’s pretty amazing… and it’s modeled after New York City:

CASA Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL created the above map of New York City, visualized by the density of tweets in each area.

The team harvested geospatial data from Twitter, and plotted it on a map to visualize how people in major cities use Twitter.

In New York, you’ll notice the highest peak is in Times Square. This “mountain” sits within a ridge running down the entire length of Manhattan. You can see a second group of mountains located around the Franklin Avenue Rock and a third in the Jamaica area.

They gathered the data for this map by looking at tweets that included a location tag sent by smartphone. As they describe it:

“The contours correspond to the density of tweets, the mountains rise over active locations and cliffs drop down in to calm valleys, flowing out to tweet deserts. Throughout the emerging landscape features have been renamed to reflect these conditions.”

They really have built a Twitter Island layered on top of New York City. And, if you want to truly visualize this land of tweets and hashtags, check out the video below of a 3D Twitter Island, made by Digital Urban:

(Top image: Tatiana Popova via Shutterstock)