Would You Get A Tattoo Of A Trending Topic On Your Arm?

Alright, forget the Twitter dress. People are actually getting tattooed with Twitter’s trending topics! Yep, that’s right. Real, permanent, ink-and-needles type tattoos. It’s for a good cause though… if that’s any consolation for having a trending topic tattooed on your arm for all of eternity.

The Wall found this neat little gem of a movement, and we just had to share.

It’s called the Social Tattoo Project, and the idea is to get New Yorkers to care about humanitarian and ecological crises for more than the 24 hours they might appear on Twitter’s trending topic list. As they explain on their website, “With your vote and our volunteers’ skin, we can make what the world empathizes with today, what we care about forever.”

Good sentiment? I’ll give them that. But getting inked with a trending topic is a little too permanent for me.

Plus, there’s a catch to this whole thing: you don’t get to choose your trending topic. You volunteer to get inked, and the Social Tattoo Project will tweet out four hashtags. Their followers will retweet them, and the one with the most retweets gets slapped on your arm (or calf, or wherever).

Five people have already signed up and received their social tattoo, and it looks like no one has backed out at the last minute. The hashtags tattooed onto these volunteers include #poverty, #japan, #humantrafficking, #haiti and #norway. You can see a gallery of all of these tattoos on the Social Tattoo website, so you know we’re not making this up!

It’s a pretty bold thing to do, but clearly the idea resonates with people. In the impermanent world of tweets that disappear within minutes of writing them, I can understand the urge to find something more permanent. I’m just not sure a trending topic tattoo is right for me… but what about you? Would you participate in something like this if it was happening in your hometown?