Would You Follow More Sports Stars On Twitter If They Had Their Usernames On Their Jerseys?

Sports and Twitter have gone together like peanut butter and jam since day one. Sports stars have taken to expressing themselves pre- and post-game in 140-characters or less – and now Twitter is moving offline, and onto the players’ jerseys.

Forbes reported a story this week about a lacrosse team in the United States that is set to be the first to remove players’ names from team jerseys, and replace them with Twitter usernames.

The Philadelphia Wings is currently asking the National Lacrosse League for approval of the plan, which would go into effect during a game on February 12. After the game, the jerseys would be auctioned off for charity.

The team will be requiring that every player set up a Twitter account if they don’t have one already, and will offer training to those who are new to the network.

I love the idea of integrating Twitter into team jerseys. Anyone who is a long-time fan of the sport will already know the player’s name, but they might not know their Twitter username. By slapping this prominently on the backs of all the players, the team will no doubt earn themselves more followers and create a more effective platform to engage with their fans.

Of course, for this idea to work, the players must take the time to actually tweet. It’s one thing to set up an account and advertise your username – it is another thing altogether to be active on Twitter and engage with your followers.

What do you think? Would you follow more sports stars if their usernames were printed on their jerseys? Let us know in the comments below.

(Top image: Nicholas Piccillo via Shutterstock; Jersey concept via Philadelphia Wings)