Would You Circumvent Work Policies Banning Personal Tech Devices? Survey Says…

According to a Fortune piece, Fortinet released a 20-country survey which revealed that more than half of its 21 – 31 year-old employees would circumvent their company policy banning the use of personal devices at work.

So, if you’re an employer it sounds like asking employees to stay unplugged from their personal devices during the day isn’t exactly a viable option. Apparently 51 percent of participants in the survey mentioned they would break the rules and find a way around the policy!

An anti-BYOD (bring your own device) policy wouldn’t address the trend that employees will likely do what it takes anyway to log on.

Per the piece, Fortinet’s security strategies and threat researcher Richard Henderson explained, “The real question here is: As we move into this new reality where young employees have grown up with the Internet and want to be always on and always connected, how do companies position themselves to protect themselves and also embrace these technologies?”