Would You Buy A Twitter Phone?

Leave it to Japan – the first country that Twitter offered language support to and tweet-obsessed from the beginning – to be the first to push out a Twitter phone.

This summer, Japanese Twitter users can upgrade their boring old smartphone to a cool new Twitter smartphone. In a deal announced today, NTT Docomo, a wireless network provider in Japan, will partner with Twitter to bring citizens of Japan the Twitter phone.

Docomo will begin with two types of Twitter phones: feature phones and smartphones. The feature phones will include Twitter search results in its i-mode portal, while the smartphones will have real-time tweets available in the Docomo Market.

But the really cool feature that they’re planning on integrating into their Twitter phones is called “Touch and Follow”: two Twitter phone owners can instantly follow each other simply by touching their phones together. Follow permissions will be sent through NFC data transmission function on their Docomo phones.

NTT Docomo is Japan’s largest mobile carrier, and services over 58 million Japanese mobile phone users. And considering that Japan is the 5th most Twitter-obsessed country in the world according to an August report from ComScore, I bet the Twitter phone will be a big hit.

Users can expect to see the first wave of Twitter phones hitting shelves in Japan this summer.

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