Would the Kindle Sell Even More Units if People Could See it in a Store Before Buying? Kindle Available at Staples Soon

When the HTC Nexus One, the so-called Google Phone, failed to reach critical sales numbers, many people attributed its problems to the inability for potential buyers to see and touch it in person before making a purchase decision. This may be true (and I happen to agree). But, how does this explain the success of Amazon’s series of Kindle ebook readers. Like the Nexus One it is only available as a sight unseen (and untouched) device ordered online. And, yet, it has sold in enough numbers to kickstart an ebook revolution that took a decade to reach critical mass. Imagine the kind of sales Kindle ebook readers would have if it were on physical store shelves. Well, wonder no more. Reuters reports that office supply store giant Stables is about to put the Kindle on their shelves.

Staples to sell Kindle, Borders cuts reader prices

Borders’ Nook and Barnes & Noble’s Kobo ebook readers are on the shelves of their respective physical bookstores. Amazon doesn’t have physical bookstores. So, will an office supply giant make do?