Would Foursquare Work for Your PR Program?

Foursquare is about more than just checking in. Naveen Selvadurai, one of Foursquare’s founders, told us earlier this year that the location-based app, by becoming easier to use, seeks to reach a wider array of people. As such, Foursquare has joined the pantheon of social networks that are bringing people together, stoking engagement, and spreading information. Should your brand (or your client’s brand) be using it also?

The latest mediabistro feature, “PR, Perfected: Should Your Client Be On Foursquare?” poses five questions that will help you come to a conclusion about whether a brand should participate. For instance, “Is your audience waiting for you?” If they are, congrats. But, the feature says, “Remember though, checking in requires a customer to blast their behavior — whether popping into the drugstore for Pepto or hitting up a fast food drive-thru for dinner (again) — to their peer group, begging the following question.”

Find out what the next question is by clicking here to read on. [sub req’d]

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