Worth, A Magazine For The Super-Wealthy, Relaunches In The Middle Of A Global Economic Crisis

Worth magazine, a publication for the rich, has reinvented itself- it will now cater to the filthy stinking rich. If the peasants or middle-class wish to read the magazine, they’ll have to pony up the $20 cover price. But no charge for the uber-wealthy. The magazine, according to Advertising Age, is being mailed free of charge to 110,000 capitalist pigs:

To qualify for the free magazine, a household has to have a minimum net worth of $2 million, have at least $1 million of equity in their main residence and live in one of 11 major markets, including New York, Boston and San Francisco. Using household data research and analysis from Acxiom Corp., Worth looked at roughly 550,000 eligible households — about 50,000 in each of those major markets. The magazine then whittled down that list to 110,000 across the country, based on address exclusivity.