Worst Ways Of Firing People

Listen up HR Managers! While letting people go is never easy, there is clearly a right way and a wrong way to go about doing it. HRM Today has a feature on the top six worst ways they have ever heard companies let an employee go. Below are our three favorites. Pay attention and learn from their mistakes.

  • Turn off their access badge to the building &#151 I worked at a company where they would turn off associate’s access to their building and not tell anyone. There was no “tailgating” allowed (meaning you could only have 1 person in per badge), so each associate had to swipe in and swipe out. If you couldn’t swipe in, you couldn’t get in the building. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a security guard sprint over to ask someone to leave the premises for trespassing…until this happened.
  • Using the overhead paging system, call them into the owner’s office &#151 “Joe Smith, please come to the manager’s office.” Probably not a big deal…until you see that every person who gets called into the principal’s manager’s office comes out in tears. And then my friend got called in…as a brand new manager…and they let him know he should stay in the room to help fire the rest of the folks.
  • Tag them at the holiday parties like Donald Trump &#151 One of the places I worked at had a very volatile CEO. EVERYONE feared this guy, but they all knew he promoted only those he liked best, so everyone tried to get face time with him. The only time we had a chance to have that direct contact was at the holiday party, and folks would get a LITTLE too tipsy to get enough liquid courage to approach him. He would be dancing in a circle with his favorite folks, and others would try to nudge their way in. He’d tap folks in the head and say “You’re fired!” just like Trump (though this was before Trump). I thought he was kidding…until the security guards walked up and escorted those folks out.
  • Check out the full article here. Have any horror stories of your own? Send them to us and we will post them (anonymously if you would like).