Fails the April Fools’ Test

Today, The Guardian has clearly admitted their mistake. After picking up an April Fools’ joke item posted by Worst Previews that claimed James Cameron wanted to do a sequel to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the newspaper has amended the item sub-headline:

History may be set to repeat itself if Cameron signs on for the follow-up to Ridley Scott’s latest return to the Alien universe • … but in fact it’s unlikely to as we discovered this story was an April Fool’s joke on the part of the original source on 3 April. Sorry for the misinformation

On the other hand,’s Mike Fleming, who sourced the errant Guardian report, has not been quite as upfront about the slip-up. And that does not sit well with the author of the original gag article, Alex Ginzburg:

After most sites realized it was a joke, they simply apologized. But not Deadline. It instead erased all user comments about how the original article was a joke and then posted an update that states: ‘Insiders tell me that James Cameron was making a slightly humorous off-handed comment about making a Prometheus sequel and they’d be surprised if it amounted to anything, considering how busy the director will be preoccupied with Avatar sequels.’

I can tell you that Cameron never said any of those things. So what is Deadline talking about?

Also fooled by the gag was Cinema Blend. The only thing better perhaps in terms of a Cameron April Fools’ would have been a fake story about some sort of freakish creature brought back by the filmmaker from the Mariana Trench.

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