Worst Job Ever: Working For The North Korean State Press

1226kimjongil.jpgThink your job sucks? At least you’re not a publicist for the Korean Central News Agency, the government press agency of North Korea. In a press release marking Kim Jong-Il‘s 16th anniversary as head of the North Korean military, the KCNA writes:

When he finds himself among soldiers, he takes a scrupulous care of their life from cultural and emotional activities to meals, showing them warmer affection than their own parents would.

He took measures to let the soldiers have many photos taken so that they would be able to keep them long as mementos of their military service. When he visited a women’s company in a deep valley, he took care that all conditions were taken so they could watch clear and clean TV scenes.


Concerned even over the cold wind filtering through needle holes of soldiers’ winter clothes, he took care that they were replaced with better ones. He acquaints himself with the room temperature and water quality while making a round of bedrooms, wash-cum-bath houses, kitchens, non-staple food stores and other supply facilities and teaches them food processing methods, too.

That’s right: Serve in the North Korean military and the Dear Leader will personally fix your television reception.