Worms Facebook now in closed beta

Team 17’s popular Worms franchise is now on Facebook, albeit in closed beta.

The Worms games are artillery shooters, with players commanding small teams of the titular annelids as they move around maps and fire at either AI or player-controlled opponents. As the game progresses, maps become more complicated, opponents have better equipment and factors like wind have to be taken into account when aiming an artillery strike. Along the way, players acquire currency and stars, which can be used to unlock additional content like outfits and newer, more powerful, weaponry.

Based on the trailer released today, it looks like these core mechanics will remain in place for the Facebook version of Worms. It also appears the game will monetize via the game’s shop, which will allow for in-app purchases of weaponry and hats with both soft and hard currency. According to Worms Facebook producer James Long, Team 17 has plans to regularly update the game and introduce new content.

The Worms series has been around since 1995, when it first debuted for PCs, making it one of the older IPs to appear on Facebook’s gaming channel (along with You Don’t Know Jack! and SimCity Social, both of which debuted on Facebook this summer). Since 1995, there have been 18 Worms sequels, not to mention several spin-offs. However, despite the success of Worms on other platforms, artillery shooters aren’t hugely popular on the social network and none currently appear on our list of the Top 25 Facebook games. Digital Chocolate’s Crazy Penguin Wars appears to be the most popular of these titles at the moment, with 60,000 daily active users and 770,000 monthly active users. As a result, the power of the Worms brand will probably take Team 17’s Facebook game to the top of the genre.

Worms Facebook is schedule to officially launch sometime later this year. Meanwhile, the developer is encouraging users to sign up for the closed beta, which can be done at the game’s official app page.