Worlize Is a New Social Network Where Users Make The Games

worlizelogoUser-generated social game and chat platform provider Worlize has launched the beta version of its software on major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and OpenSocial. In a nutshell, the platform allows users to interact with each other in fun, 2D environments as well as play user-created games with each other. The Los Angeles based company also announced securing $150,000 in angel funding that it will use to continue building out the product and hire talent. Public launch of the platform is not due out until fall but players can still sign up to try out the public beta release.

The focus of the application will be provide easy functionality to users so they can create areas and games with ease. Worlize will provide point and click access to customizable plug-and-play games, according to the release, that will be comprised of an array of games ranging from time management to casual card games. The fall launch will give users even deeper functionality through its upgraded API that they can leverage to create even more interactive areas and games.

“We feel users are tired of the restrictive and formulaic approach that social and gaming platforms have adopted. As with web pages or blogs, it is time users have the ability to define their casual gaming and social experiences,” commented CEO and Founder, Brian McKelvey. “Worlize breaks down the walls currently in place, redefining and enhancing online social experiences for users.”

There’s not too many applications out there providing similar features to users. Currently users usually chat within Facebook or join MMOs like Zynga’s Yoville if they want to have deeper level of interactions, that take place in a 2.5D environment and have a lot of gated content (due to levels) that prevent players from fully expressing themselves unless you’ve played for a while. Worlize might also be offering cross platform connectivity, something that will help it distinguish from many virtual places out there.

We don’t have beta access yet so it remains to be seen how the ‘user created games’ will work. Apart from the ability to customize games, it will be interesting to see if Worlize follows the path of some of the traditional casual game creation engines out there and how robust they make it. An average player won’t be too keen on spending 10 hours creating a game – they will want something quick and fast to connect to their friends with. Also the presence or lack of game mechanics will spell the difference between strong retention or a one night stand.

Worlize’s management team will include Brian McKelvey, founder and chief exec as well as Greg Diller, CFO and angel investor. Both together bring years of gaming, financial and technology background. The company is also reportedly in the process of raising a Series A round, according to TechCrunch, to gear up for the launch. For more information about the beta, please head over to their site.