World's Sexiest Man Is Also One Of The Dumbest Marketers

“I would rather have a prostate exam on live telvision by a guy with very cold hands than have a Facebook page,” George Clooney told a group of reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival. Clooney, who was previously named the world’s sexiest man alive, probably didn’t realize that his Facebook fan page is not far from becoming one of the 1,000 most popular Pages. While I can’t blame the guy for preferring to jet set around the world without the hassle of managing his online presence, he’s missing a big opportunity.

There are millions of women would love the opportunity to pick Clooney’s brain (if you don’t believe me see this video) but rather than even tempting these women with the possibility of conversing with him, he has chosen to avoid Facebook all together. As for those millions of fans that could be informed about his latest movies in production, they shouldn’t hold their breath as Clooney won’t be joining the site anytime soon.

Contrast Clooney’s strategy with Vin Diesel, who is now the third most popular person on Facebook with over 6.2 million fans. Vin Diesel is not known for his acting skills nor is he known for being one of the worlds most … well he really isn’t the most anything. However by just engaging with fans on a regular basis, Vin Diesel has skyrocketed in popularity.

Thanks to engaging fans, Vin Diesel has been able to surpass George Clooney in the volume of searches on Google over the past few months. I guess Clooney will watch all the Facebook celebrity action from the sidelines for now.

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