WorldMate Syncs Your Business Travel Plans From Hotels to Flights

Going on a business trip requires lots of planning. You’ve got flights to attend, hotels to stay in and meetings to attend. WorldMate wants to help you manage the trip from start to finish by building your business travel itinerary and saving it on your phone.

The app will sync your entire travel plan from car rental and flight information to  meetings and agendas while you are on the road.

The app pulls in content from your WorldMate online travel planner which includes all of your travel details in one place and syncs it with your calendar. Once you have your entire itinerary together, you can share it with your assistant or colleagues.

Here is more detail from the WorldMate site:

All items are presented in the destination time-zone, and are clickable for additional information like confirmation numbers, phone numbers, terminals, gates etc. Best of all – it’s up-to-date, and any changes made are reflected on your mobile device as well as the website, so you always have the correct and up-to-date itinerary with you.

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