World Trade Center and Sept. 11th Memorial Plans Immediately Return to Budget Problems and Big Delays


While we’re on the subject of telling you to forget things that you’ve read here on UnBeige in the recent past, it’s probably best to erase this post from your mind, wherein we told you that the NY Port Authority was gearing up to throw everything they possibly had at finishing up the World Trade Center rebuilding efforts and September 11th Memorial projects in time for the ten year anniversary. After a meeting yesterday with city officials and the Authority, it looks like everything’s still back on track to be delayed and considerably over-budget. Though they are still hoping that there will be at least a proper memorial done by 2011, even if it’s the bare minimum that can be opened. Here’s a bit:

“While we still face many challenges ahead, we believe we have created a level of certainty and control over this project that has been missing since its inception,” the agency’s executive director, Christopher Ward, said in a letter to [Gov. David Paterson].

Port Authority officials declined to take questions after releasing the report, saying they would join the governor at an afternoon news conference.

Mr. Ward said the report reflects an understanding of the realities of building from scratch a complex of interconnected skyscrapers, transit links and cultural space in a hole seven stories deep. He said he realized the new deadlines “will be met with a degree of skepticism.” Deadlines for almost every project at the site have changed since plans were first introduced in 2003.